Cat Boarding

Our boarding facility offers a climate-controlled space that allows our guests to relax away from the busy and often noisy atmosphere of a veterinarian’s office or regular boarding location.  This room is a dog-free zone where your cat can remain calm and happy.  Bird and squirrel videos are played to make them feel as if they are home looking out the window.  We want your cat to enjoy their stay with us, because they deserve the best care when you are away. 

We have 6 kennels available.  One kennel remains in our downstairs’ office for those cats who prefer to be more social.  They can roam the office and visit with Jenny during the day.  Our other 5 kennels are located upstairs in a separate boarding room.  Although the boarding facility is upstairs,  we do check in on our visitors several times during the day.  If there is  more than one cat visiting at a time, we will give each cat time out of their kennel to roam and have full access to the cat tree and perches.

Unlike most boarding facilities, we can give medications, including insulin injections, under the guidance of our veterinarians.  We can also perform blood glucose checks for our diabetic patients. 

Please bring your cat’s food and any medications with you at your schedule drop off appointment.  Litter boxes, bedding and food dishes are provided.  It is encouraged to bring other special bedding and items that smell like home.  Often cats like to sleep on things that smell like home, this can help eliminate potential stress.

Please call for pricing information or to book your cat’s reservation today.