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See what happy clients are saying about Eugene Mobile Veterinary Services



Dr. Bonnie and her team are amazing.  I have three cats and no car, so the convenience of having home visits is huge; it's also less stress for travel-hating cats.  But Dr. Bonnie also turned out to be our favorite vet who was able to successfully treat my cat Emaline's problems which previous vets had not been able to help.  I credit Dr. Bonnie with giving Emaline many more happy years than she would have had otherwise, which I will always be thankful for. 

Dr. Bonnie has patiently listened to and considered my many concerns, and consistently taken the time to explain anything I've wondered about.  Her compassion, thoughtfulness, and professionalism are always evident.

I've been impressed with everyone in Dr. Bonnie's practice who I have met so far. 

I'm very glad I was referred to Eugene Mobile Vet over 4 years ago, and am so glad my cats have Dr. Bonnie and her team for their veterinary care.  🙂

- Honey Vizer

Dr. Bonnie has been seeing our two dogs and four cats for 3-4 years. Dr. Bonnie and her staff and incredibly professional, compassionate, and very understanding. They have gone above and beyond the normal vet/patient relationship to help us care for our fur babies. Having her come to the house causes our animals and us far less stress while providing the same level of care. When we utilized other vets, it always felt like the doctor was hard to talk to and access. This is not the case with Dr. Bonnie. She always seems very easy to get in touch with and has even called after business hours to check on our pets. I would and do recommend her to anyone looking for quality veterinary care. We love her and her staff.  🙂

- Tammy Bovee


image3Dr Bonnie, I can't tell you how happy I am that Indigo and I found you! Taking Indigo to the vet has always been an ordeal. I hated hearing her distressed meow from her carrier. It was torture. The ease of having you come to our house has been so helpful. Indigo seems to know the routine, she barely meows and her recovery is very quick after her appointments. The bonus is that I feel relaxed knowing she is in such good hands. Thank you and the rest of the Mobile Vet staff.

- Kelly Loughary and Indigo


My young kitty spent five days in the emergency vet hospital and then had multiple visits to our regular vet before the stress of the illness and constant car travel was getting to be too much for both of us so we called EMV. Dr. Burns was able to definitively diagnose her issues with tests that the other vets had not done. She sustained permanent damage but thanks to Dr. Burns and her team, she is still with us. Dr. Burns spent a lot of time counseling me- a very concerned and anxious pet owner- and her patience and understanding was amazing. Cassidy and I thank you everyday that she is still with us to purr and play. We have also used EMV for end of life services and they dealt with that with the same level of compassion and understanding as our current situation.

- Liz Treacy