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FREE ACCESS to our RYDM (Rail Yard Data Management) demo website... click to learn more
FREE ACCESS to our RYDM demo website... Rail Yard Data Management


  1. This document will set forth the warranty and return policy of Railyard Supply and its affiliate, CWI Railroad System Specialists. This policy pertains only to the portion of CWI’s fabricated products and construction projects listed on All other warranties pertaining to CWI Railroad System Specialists shall be governed as defined by CWI Railroad System Specialists.
  2. Railyard Supply reserves the right to alter these terms at any time without notice.
  3. Railyard Supply reserves the right to make discretionary decisions about unique circumstances when they arise. Railyard Supply's decision may trump these policies.
  4. CWI warranties all workmanship for 1-year.
  5. Defective products not manufactured by CWI shall be covered by the individual manufacturer's warranty policies.  For example, a defective meter will not fall under the warranty provided by CWI.
  6. For all other needs, please refer to manufacturer policy regarding warranties.
  7. If the customer has extraordinary circumstances, please make inquiries to so we may have the chance to remedy the situation.
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